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LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Gas and Power prices are largely trading at parity with last week’s levels, despite some significant price swings at the front of the pricing curve. The bout of low pressure has seen reduced wind output, increasing demand for gas-fired power generation and stretching a European gas system which is struggling to attract global LNG. Winter prices have also been volatile with concerns over gas storage levels being partially offset by positive supply news surrounding the potential completion of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Prices further out have been softer, as renewed coronavirus fears in the wake of the delta variant have weigh on global oil markets.

Future Net Zero Standard

At Utility Team, we are proud to be a solution partner and founding member of the Future Net Zero Standard. As one of the UK’s largest energy consultancies, we believe that we have a responsibility to help our staff, customers, and partners achieve Net Zero. We signed up to the standard ourselves and intend to achieve Net Zero by 2025. Our goal is to proactively help our customers and partners implement the Future Net Zero Standard as they move towards their own Net Zero goals.

FNZ Standard Badge - Solution Partner Founder

“As a business, we have a responsibility to our staff, customers, and partners to create a more sustainable future. We strongly believe that using the Future Net Zero Solution Standard not only makes environmental sense but business sense too. We signed up immediately and can see both the environmental and commercial benefits of being part of the Future Net Zero Solution Standard.”

- Delvin Lane, Utility Team CEO

What is Net Zero?


In June 2019, the UK parliament passed legislation requiring the government to reduce the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases to Net Zero by 2050. Achieving Net Zero is done by creating an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere.

Like a bath with the taps on, balance between emissions can be achieved by turning down the taps (reducing emissions) or taking the plug out to release some water (removal of emissions from the atmosphere). The key to achieving Net Zero for your business is understanding where you can turn the taps down and where you need to release some water.



How do you achieve Net Zero?


Although Net Zero may seem a like a distant goal for many, it is fully achievable with the right strategy in place. The first step in developing a Net Zero strategy is understanding your current position and what your current energy usage or expenditure is. This is where the Future Net Zero Solution Standard can help, designed as a tool to aid with the monitoring and measuring of your Carbon Footprint.

When it comes to using the Future Net Zero Solution Standard, to help monitor and plan towards Net Zero, it couldn’t be easier. The easy to use dashboard allows for single or multiple sites to be monitored and compared. The benefits include:

  • Measure and benchmark your current carbon footprint.
  • Continually measure and monitor your businesses carbon footprint.
  • Identify opportunities to move towards your Net Zero target.
  • Certify your carbon footprint, enabling to you to publicise your move towards a more sustainable future.
  • Benchmark your carbon footprint against your industry standard.

Net Zero Certification

Whilst the dashboard to the Future Net Zero Standard software provides the ability to monitor and manage your carbon emissions, the Future Net Zero Solution Standard also provides annual certification. This certification has four levels, starting with initial certification and then moving through to Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards. Once achieved the certification can then be used publicise the attainment of Net Zero targets.


How Utility Team Can Help You Reach Net Zero


Over the last few years we have developed a wealth of experience in creating strategies and solutions for our customers to help move them towards their Net Zero goals. Whether you are taking your first steps or refining a long-established plan, we will work closely with you to understand your motivations and business practices. Once the plan is created, we will help you implement it and then optimise it. This is where the Future Net Zero Solutions Standard can play an important role, providing a way to benchmark, manage, and optimise your Net Zero strategy.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can achieve Net Zero, or the Future Net Zero Standard software, you can contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail. Our experts are on hand to help you create the perfect strategy for your business, and et you on the road to Net Zero as soon as possible.


Acc Support & Aftercare Team

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