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LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Gas and Power prices are largely trading at parity with last week’s levels, despite some significant price swings at the front of the pricing curve. The bout of low pressure has seen reduced wind output, increasing demand for gas-fired power generation and stretching a European gas system which is struggling to attract global LNG. Winter prices have also been volatile with concerns over gas storage levels being partially offset by positive supply news surrounding the potential completion of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Prices further out have been softer, as renewed coronavirus fears in the wake of the delta variant have weigh on global oil markets.

Partner with us

Utility Team is an established business energy procurement company, featuring a dedicated customer care centre with an exceptional support infrastructure and customer management system.


Our mission is to provide our partners with an excellent level of service and return on investment. We ensure we provide uncompromising customer service and in particular, support.


We work and partner with a variety of different organisations from trade associations to tech companies to sub-brokers and introducers. We have a large network of TPIs and that experience equips us with the tools to make the TPI journey a smooth and enjoyable one.


Our partners enjoy great benefits, like uncapped and rapidly paid commission, comprehensive support throughout the sales journey, plus a fully transparent online portal which lets you track performance of your sales in real time and instantly forecast earnings. 

We take pride in forming partnerships built on trust and the power to deliver. If you do too, then let’s work together. 


5 reasons to become our partner

Transparent, real-time sales tracking 

Gain full visibility of what’s happening to your sales in real time via your Partner Portal. All sales data – including status, number of sales and commission – can be downloaded, making it easier to predict earnings. 

Strong sales turnaround 

Strong sales turnaround 

Our close attention to detail and thorough processes mean we constantly have a high turnaround of live sales, which you’ll benefit from as our partner. 

Strong connections

We’ve built excellent relationships with suppliers, allowing us to command the best commissions, plus we offer a competitive revenue share.


Pricing tool 

Partners get access to our pricing tool, which provides an instant comparison of available tariffs and commissions across suppliers.

Exceptional customer service

Leave it to our dedicated staff to manage the journey from sale to live. We’ll send the customer the necessary documents to terminate their current contract and handle potential objections on your behalf.

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