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ARC - making cooling more energy efficient


ARC (Automated Response Command) is our market-leading technology that optimises cooling loads of packaged commercial and industrial chiller plant.

Built from the ground up, the ARC software monitors and optimises cooling loads to deliver significant reductions in electrical consumption. This is achieved whilst maintaining existing process and comfort cooling performance.

ARC delivers electrical energy savings of between 8 and 20%. As cooling can account for up to 60% of a commercial building’s energy consumption, the savings ARC can deliver are impressive. Especially considering that with global temperatures continuing to rise, chillers will be expected to run harder and for longer to meet the increasing demand for cooling comfort and process cooling.

For organisations looking to drive down their energy usage and minimise their carbon footprint, ARC will provide fantastic energy savings.

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ARC delivers commercial and environmental savings

ARC can typically reduce your energy consumption by 8 and 20%. We have already seen customers save between £10,000 and £40,000 a year.

Plus the solution works on all leading commercial chiller plant.

Investing in energy efficiency solutions should be as easy as possible. That's why ARC is licenced as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Helping to remove all barriers to investing in this energy efficiency solution.

By licencing ARC in this way there is no need for capital investment and there is a reduction in operational expenditure from day one. In addition to this customers will benefit from regular performance reporting as well as ongoing software enhancements.


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ARC will deliver a number of benefits for your organisation. These include:

  • Optimised chiller performance

  • Enhanced visibility of chiller performance

  • Delivers a reduction in energy usage and tangible savings

  • Augments existing controls and is simple the install with no business interruption

  • Delivers a significant reduction in carbon emissions



Why did we develop ARC?

Many chillers are poorly controlled and inefficiently run. OEM control systems and integration with building management systems often result in excess energy consumption. This scenario is not only wasteful but costly from a commercial and environmental standpoint.

Having identified this issue and being passionate about helping our customers use less energy, we set about developing ARC! 

We saw great potential in the concept and believed that it could achieve impressive energy savings for our customers. The reduction in electrical consumption of chiller plant has the potential to significantly reduce global carbon emissions.


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How does ARC optimise cooling loads?

ARC is a self-learning software that decreases the energy consumption of chiller cooling systems by optimising compressor operation.

The ARC software constantly monitors and logs plant output, total energy consumption, and common header temperatures. ARC then uses this data to predict what is going to happen within the plant, based on historic events under the same ambient conditions and then recommends optimal adjustments accordingly. The software constantly monitors its own performance to account for seasonal demand changes and adiabatic conditions.

It is important to note that ARC does not replace the existing controls on the plant but rather uses them to optimise performance.

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Would ARC work for me?

If you have packaged chilling plant across your estate then it is highly likely that ARC can help you reduce your energy usage. ARC is already being deployed across the following sectors:

  • Commerical property
  • Medical and Research facilities
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Higher Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Sport and Leisure facilities and stadia

Delivering savings for Wasps Rugby

“The ease and speed of installation was impressive. The solution was fitted with little impact on our day-to-day maintenance operation, which was especially important during the current COVID pandemic and the associated security protocols we have in place.

 The really exciting thing about the ARC solution is that whilst we have already seen a reduction in energy usage, we are not yet at a point in the year when it’s performance will be most beneficial. As we head into the summer months and our air conditioning systems are running at their optimum, we are really looking forward to seeing the energy usage and financial savings that ARC delivers.”

Sarah Roberts, Operations Director at Wasps.

Ricoh Arena

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